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Online Persona & Pseudonym

Stephanie Swan Quills

'The Seraph of Stories'


Stephanie is an Australian voice actor, Twitch streamer, and writer. Born in Western Australia, Stephanie developed a love of storytelling early in life, and while at university, she began narrating stories on YouTube and auditioning for voice acting roles. After graduating with a Creative Writing BA, she pursued her creative aspirations abroad and moved to London.

Her online popularity grew, and after graduating with an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing, she pursued her creative career. She has since been involved in numerous projects, including animation, video games, audiobooks, and commercial work.

Her professionalism, punctuality, and easy-going nature make her a delight to work with; and she continually aspires to push her limits and produce high-quality performances for her clients.

Stephanie's warm, deep voice makes her stand out from the crowd. Whether she's playing sinister villains and femme fatales, or commanding heroes and powerful goddesses, she adores playing both sides of the coin. Her versatile voice is unlimited in its potential for character and commercial roles!


She manages a YouTube and Twitch channel under her pseudonym 'Stephanie Swan Quills', where her ever-expanding fanbase flock to see her.


Stephanie currently resides in London.

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