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Hunter: The Parenting

Kevin's First Day (Mrs Labeau) 2024

Chapter 4: The Feuds of our Fathers (Elise) 2024

Marckus Goes Pubbing with his Weirdo Friends (and gets in a brawl) (Elise) 2022

  • YouTube Fantasy/Comedy Series: Produced by Ogre Poppenang Productions

If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device

Ep. 28: Custodian Hustle (Shield-Host Proteus) 2020

Special Ep. 5: Just Aeldari Things (Timothy’s Handler) 2017

  • YouTube SciFi/Comedy Series: Produced by Bruva Alfabusa


SCP: Ghost Town (Bishop) 2019

  • Short Film: Directed by Evan Park


SCP: First Contact (Scientist) 2018

  • Short Film: Directed by Evan Park


Katabasis (Juno) 2017

  • Short Film: Directed by Evan Park



The School Run (Narrator) 2024

  • Mystery/Thriller Novel: Written by Ali Lowe and Produced by 2020 Recordings


Tell No Tales (Frankie Carter) 2023

  • Horror/Fantasy Audio Drama: Directed by Leanne Egan

The Technomancy Project (Sabriel) 2023

  • Horror Audio Drama: Directed by Emily Consaga & Josdon Thong

The Origins of the Inquisition (Inquisitor Verity Calendra) 2023

In Conversation with the Ordo Hereticus (Inquisitor Verity Calendra) 2020                             

  • YouTube Audio Drama: Produced by Oculus Imperia

Vampire the Masquerade: Port Saga (Constance) 2022

  • Horror/Fantasy Audio Drama: Produced by Rachel J Wilkinson

SPECTRE (Captain Lillian) 2022

  • Scifi Audio Drama: Produced by Stef Howerton


Archion (Advena) 2022

  • Fantasy Audio Drama: Produced by Studio Archion

Soujourners' Trails (Serah) 2022

  • Horror/Fantasy Audio Drama: Produced by BallaDeer Productions

Radioverse (Aspect 4) 2022

  • Horror/Scifi Audio Drama: Directed by Justin Morton & Produced by Sasha Blore

Three Chances (Additional Voices) 2022

  • Warhammer Audio Drama: Produced by Cold Open Stories

On the Hunters Watch (Confessor Llabin) 2021

  • Warhammer Audio Drama: Produced by Cold Open Stories

The Dichotomy (Carn-Evil) 2020 - 2021

  • Comedy Podcast: Produced by Laughably Dapper Entertainment

Creep (Sasha) 2020 - 2021

  • Detective Audio Drama: Produced by Mel Hartman


A Ninth World Journal (Cyunn) 2020                                                                                           

  • Fantasy Podcast: Produced by David S. Dear


Crisis of Faith (Sister Selene) 2016 - 2017

  • YouTube Audio Drama: Produced by Marc Harris


Zurich Insurance Commercial (Voice Over) 2023

  • Produced by Jungle Studios

World Gold Council Commercial (Voice Over) 2023

  • Produced by AKQA Ltd

Volvo Car Australia Promotional Film (Voice Over) 2023

  • Produced by Fish for Feet


AWS Solutions Promotional Film (Voice Over) 2022

  • Produced by Joint London

Worley Brand Futures Film (Voice Over) 2022

  • Produced by InterBrand


'Critter Cards' Kickstarter Trailer (Voice Over) 2021

  • Produced by Michael Carson


Pearson ELT (Voice Over) 2023

  • English Language Teaching Audio: Produced by Pearson Education Ltd


One Shots: D&D Character Podcast (S2 Ep 5: A Song of Fireball and Fire (Halloween Special))

(Amber Ashwick) 2023

  • Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play Podcast: Produced by William Nunn


Lucifero (Spoken Poetry) 2020

  • Metal Single: By David Sphaèros Hispard

Let the Galaxy Burn (Voice Samples - Tracks 2, 6, and 8) 2020

  • Metal Album: By S H R I E K I N G


Knell of St. Godhrkar (Agathenia) 2022

  • Developed by Antinomy (二律背反) (Windows, macOS)


The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout, Act II (Foxglove) 2021

  • Developed by Soma Games (PC, Xbox, PlayStation)

Singularity: Tactics Arena (The Memory of Names) 2019

  • Developed by A Memory of Eternity LLC (Windows, macOS)


A Foretold Affair (Trinette) 2018

  • Developed by GB Patch Games (Windows, macOS)


The Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer (Tsarmina The Ruthless) 2018

  • Developed by Soma Games  (PC, Xbox, PlayStation)


Natural Accent: Australian


British RP, GA American, US Southern, Cockney, French, Russian, German, Scottish, Irish

Vocal Styles:

Alluring, Elegant, Friendly, Husky, Breathy, Frightened, Warm, Intimidating, Commanding, Motherly, Snarling, Insane, Villainous, Otherworldly, Bestial, Creature, Gravelly, Snivelling, Authoritative

Voice Over Styles:

Animation, Audiobook, Commercial, Corporate, Character, Educational, Narration, Podcast, Radio, Video Game

Singing Styles:

Jazz, blues, rock, country, folk, pop


ID Fight

  • BASSC Annual Workshop 'The Unicorn'

  • Firearms: Civilian & Law Enforcement

  • Katana: Beginners


City Academy

  • American Accent Training

  • Acting - Intermediate

  • Acting - Improvers

  • Acting - Beginners

City, University of London (UK)

  • MA: Creative Writing and Publishing

  • Graduated with Merit

Murdoch University (AUS)

  • BA: Major in Creative Writing


English (Fluent)

French (Learning)

* Resume will be updated over time

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